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13 January 2021
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Red Maple Technologies
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Red Maple Technologies are excited to announce that we are now the UK channel partner for NoviFlow Inc’s range of Terabit Cybersecurity and Software Defined Networking (SDN) products.

Built around the 6.4 Tbps Intel Tofino P4-programmable network processors, Noviflow’s products allow for the development of edge-based flexible networking solutions. Their platforms are already being used to build innovative solutions such as a Security Load Balancer and a carrier-grade NAT.

For Red Maple Technologies, this is a great opportunity to help Noviflow reach new customers in Europe, and we’re keep to work with Noviflow on helping customers build new cyber security applications:

“NoviFlow’s vision of what is possible has created cybersecurity game changers that have already been easily deployed in the largest existing network infrastructures. We are eager to bring this opportunity to commercial carriers, government, infrastructure providers, financial institutions, and other markets. It is rare to discover a technology that can have as great an impact, and we have just scratched the surface so far. This is an exciting opportunity for us and our customers to build high-performance cyber security solutions.”

Rob Stemp, Red Maple CEO

For more information, see this full statement.

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