See how our products FractalScan and Trebuchet can help keep your business secure

A ground-breaking new level of Asset Discovery and Attack Surface Management

Identify your vulnerabilities before the hackers do

FractalScan Surface assesses your online attack surface, from a single piece of information. All it requires is your domain names or IP addresses. FractalScan Surface checks for configuration issues and security vulnerabilities then summarises this in an easy to understand score. It will even tell you how to improve you score.

FractalScan Surface does not stop at the first scan, it can be configured to re-scan and update the results on a customisable schedule. This continuous scanning means you are aware of any risks, how to fix them, and importantly, when they are resolved.

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Don't just find risks, do something about them

Finding risks is just the first part; FractalScan Surface's built-in workflow tools help you to do something about them.

We categorise all findings into simple severity levels and explain what they mean, so they can be easily prioritised and actioned. Use the risks management workflow to assign and group risks, and track progress in real time.

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Send and receive files 100% privately. Seamless integration with Microsoft® Outlook®.

End-to-end encrypted file sharing

Send files of any size to anyone. They won't need an account or any special software, they just click on a secure link.

Stay in control even after you've sent your files by deactivating the share link, and see when they've been downloaded.

You can set a password, as well as download limits and an expiry time. You can even send a link that allows someone to send you files.

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Encrypt email attachments with Microsoft® Outlook® Add-in

With the Trebuchet Microsoft® Outlook® add-in you can send email attachments with full end-to-end encryption, for complete privacy and piece of mind.

A simple click automatically converts your file attachments to a secure sharing link, and gives you full control over attachments. Supports Outlook on Windows, Outlook on macOS and Outlook on the Web.

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