We can help you assess your cyber security, improve your cyber resilience and respond to potential incidents

Assess your cyber security

Discover and test your attack surfaces, whether online or internal
Microsoft 365 Security Audit
We have custom tools to perform security tests and audit of all parts of a Microsoft 365 tenant, including key areas such as MFA, application and guest access, and audit logs.
Google Workspace Security Audit
We conduct detailed security audits of Google Workspace tenants, to help customers tighten the controls over key services such as Gmail and Google Drive.
Online Risk Assessment
Using our own attack surface mapping tool, we can walk you through your online assets and any vulnerabilities or issues they may have.
Network Security Survey
We perform surveys of internal networks, to discover assets and vulnerabilities that an attacker inside your network could exploit.
Cloud Infrastructure Test
We offer holistic and focused cloud security reviews. We use GCP and IONOS ourselves for our own and our customers' solutions, but are also experienced in both AWS and Azure.
Endpoint Security Test
Whether Windows, macOS or mobile devices, we can complete technical testing on user devices, to properly evaluate the installed protections and defences against common threats.
Web and Mobile Application Tests
After agreeing the scope and coverage with a customer, we combine our development and security expertise to test everything an attacker would.
Hardware Security Audit
With a background in hardware development and forensics, some of our staff specialise in hardware security. Whether consumer or industrial, we can test what an attacker could achieve if they get their hands on your devices.
Bespoke Research
Our clients trust us to solve some of their hardest problems. Whether in-depth and technical or more high-level, we can deliver expert cyber security research.

Improve your cyber resilience

Security is never finished, and we can help you improve to the next level. We're more than just a testing shop, we can fix issues for you, and even build the next version.
Microsoft 365 Configuration and Monitoring
If you don’t have time to implement a report full of recommendations, we can work with you to improve the security of your Microsoft 365 tenant. We can deploy bespoke monitoring tools to help you keep on top of your tenant.
Maturity Assessment
If you’re not sure where you are with different elements of cyber security, we can craft a scope to consider as many elements as you need.
Code Review/Development Process Review
Don’t feel you’re still getting value from those six-monthly penetration tests? If not, why not take a step back and look at how you build things. We can help improve the process behind everything you build.

Respond to potential incidents

You cannot prevent every attack, but we can help you in the event of any incident, with digital forensics, internal and technical investigations.
Technical Investigations
Whether it’s a compromised server or a stolen email account, we can help get to the bottom of what happened and how. Most importantly, we can help you make sure it won’t happen again.
Network Investigation
We can deploy our custom monitored VPN to any device, to allow us to monitor its network traffic for signs of compromise.
Digital Forensics
We specialise in digital forensics of mobile devices, including malware or compromise investigation. We partner with an industry-leading forensic acquisition capability, and use a combination of standard and bespoke tools for inspecting extracted data.
Internal Investigation
We can use log, network and device forensics to investigate internal incidents. Our staff are experienced in evidential procedures and UK law.