Our Which? survey of 25 big UK companies' security

22 September 2022
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Luke Gardner

We have been working with the consumer association Which? for their article:

“The Companies Putting Your Cyber Security At Risk”

We used our new tool FractalScan Surface to scan 25 of the biggest consumer brands in the country. These were a cross section across 5 of the biggest industries in the UK: Airlines, Energy, Water, Supermarkets and Banking. See our in-depth blog on our findings.

With many of these organisations reporting record profits over the last few years, we were intrigued to see if these increased profits meant a larger investment in cyber security capability.

The results were interesting, and some may say a little surprising! Especially given the high-profile cyber-attacks that have been reported over the last 12 months.

The Which? article “The companies putting your cyber security at risk” is now live on their website. It details all the findings and what they mean for the consumer, with replies from some of the organisations and the steps they took to remediate the reported issues.

If you wanted a more technical deep dive on how we conducted the research, our Cyber Security Director Scott Lester has put together a complimentary blog. In it he details how his team went about gathering the data using FractalScan Surface, then the steps they took to analyse it ready for the article.

We are already hard at work with Which? on our next research project, this time focussing on just one industry, can you guess who we’re testing?

Let us know in the comments what industries you want us to scan next!

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