Webinar - Digital Transformation and why you should consider Kubernetes

3 June 2021
1 min Read
David Griffiths

At Red Maple we’ve used containers and Kubernetes to move customer systems into the cloud, and have built our own tools and services to take advantage of a containerised, cloud-native approach. This webinar details why Kubernetes is perfect for such applications. It was recorded by our CTO David Griffiths, along with our cloud partner IONOS.

The webinar covers what we mean by digital transformation, and then provides an overview of the benefits of containers and Kubernetes for digital transformation projects.

For more from David on using Kubernetes for affordable projects, see his popular blog.

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About David Griffiths
David is Red Maple Technology's Chief Technology Officer, and one of our co-founders. He has 25 years' experience of leading, developing and architecting complex technical systems across the Defence, Government and Commercial sectors. David is a cyber security and cloud infrastructure specialist, with a rich background in agile methodology and modern software development technologies, covering a broad range of environments from embedded systems to web applications.